In the center of Japan lies Gifu, a city blessed with a rich history and beautiful nature.
The Nagara River which flows through the center of Gifu is famous for its 1300 year history of UKAI fishing. UKAI is a traditional type of fishing which uses cormorant birds.
Ishikin is a hot spring inn located next to the Nagara River which has an 80 year history.
Our hot spring was selected in Japan's top 100 list of hot springs so it is a popular tourist location.
Mount Kinka and Gifu castle are very close and it is a very convenient location for traveling from Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.
Please come visit us whether it be for pleasure or business!
Appearance of Ishikin Gifu Castle Gifu Park & Mt, Kinka Ropeway Gifu Nagara River 
Cormorant Fissing Viewing
Gifu's Popular Tourist Spot : Hida
Flowing with an atmosphere of Japan's historical village, Hida is a very popular tourism location.
120 min by train.
Ise Jingu Shrine in the neighboring prefecture of Mie is well known as one of the most holy shrines.

120 min by car.
Tumago and Magome located across two prefectures,Gifu & Nagano, prospered as post-station towns in the Edo era. Even now, the towns appear the same as in olden days.
100 min by car.
This museum introduces the advances in high speed railway through rolling stock displays, which include the Superconducting Magnetically Levitated Vehicle (Maglev), as well as historic railway rolling stock.
You can enjoy learning through the numerous models and simulators.
80 min by train.
The museum exhibits textile machinery that helped develop Japanese technology, and the evolving world of automobile engineering that continues to drive the country’s development.

60 min by train.
Plastic food samples are a peculiarly Japanese sales promotion tool. Gujo Hachiman is the largest producer of food samples!  You're able to try making samples yourself!

60 min by car.

Facilities guidance

Gifu Nagaragawa hot spring is one of Japan's best100
Footbath in the shape of
a cormorant fishing boat
Japanise Style room

Japanese cuisine

Cuisine inn Ishikin offers “Washoku” selected in UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage. Please enjoy our dishes full of our hospitality!
Our steak is selected from the well-known brand of Hida Beef and is a very famous and popular beef.

Traffic Information

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Address: 112 Nagara, Gifu City
TEL: +81 58-231-8156

Public transport Information

Staying plan

1night with 2meals(dinner & breakfast)
Our standard plan which you can enjoy our seasonal Japanese cuisine and hot springs.

We make sure you can enjoy Japanese cuisine to the fullest at our inn
which is known for specializing in great food and a wonderful hot spring.

We take pride in each of the dishes using seasonal ingredients served to you
for dinner.
Please enjoy our Japanese dishes “Washoku” selected in the UNESCO
Intangible Cultural Heritage.
We offer Kaiseki-style cuisine (traditional multi-course Japanese dinner).
Our six chefs who concentrate deeply on their cooking skills create
seasonal dishes.
Please enjoy the dishes prepared for each of the four seasons.

【Rates】 \10,000〜+tax 
       (Japanise Style room・1night with 2meals